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BARCUS BERRY last updated Feb 11th, 2017...


Barcus Berry BAR-AEP

Electro - Acoustic violin   

( Candy Apple ) Pink

graduated hand polished finish

out of stock

as a standard model, including workshop setup with existing fittings, including bow and case.



Upgraded outfit price

out of stock

including bow and case.

Fitted with Barcus Berry 1320 transducer bridge . Upgraded with Wittner Geared Pegs, M V workshop set up and Pirastro Tonica Strings










Clamp-on Violin/Viola


Fitted Violin Transducer

BARCUS BERRY authorised as UK Retailer  ~full range of pickups available including Barcus Berry electric violins upon enquiry

                                                  *all prices ex delivery



Special offer on Barcus Berry Electro- Acoustic Violins and Pic-ups, while stock lasts


1320 Violin /Viola   Internally mounted transducer Bridge with Carpenter Jack 3110P                Viola bridge by special order...* professional fitting required at extra cost £151.19 -£136.00
3100 Violin /Viola Clamp on model with Carpenter Jack * easy fitting £151.19 £136.00
3110P Violin Carpenter Jack for Violin £85.19 9 Remaining at £48.00 each
3110PV Viola Carpenter jack for Viola £85.19 ---In stock
3125 Cello with preamp Cello Clamp -On Pickup with Buffered Pre-Amp  £373.19 4 Remaining at £298.55 each
3125M Cello


Cello Clamp -On Pickup, non-terminated £95.99 ---
B3150 Bass with


Clamp-on Model with Buffered Pre Amp £388.79 1 Remaining £311.03
B3150M Bass


Clamp-on Model Non-terminated £100.79 ---
3000AE Preamp Piezo Buffer Preamp for use with all above £261.59 2 Remaining at £209.27 each
6100 Flute Pickup with 3000AE Preamp Flute Electret Microphone with 3000 AE Pre Amp £403.19 1 Remaining at  £322.55
6100M Flute Pickup Flute Electret Microphone no preamp £116.39 1 Remaining at £93.11
4000 Piano/Harp System PLANAR Piano & Harp Transducer with 4000 Preamp £483.59 temp out of stock
4000 PI Piano/Harp Transducer only Planar Wave Piano & Harp Transducer only £151.19 temp out of stock
4000 PRE Piano/Harp Preamp only 4000 Piano preamp £292.79 temp out of stock
5600 Clarinet/Sax

/Harmonica System

Clarinet/Sax/Harmonica Electret Mic with preamp. £433.19 ---