Last updated NOV 11th 2017

 The new Yamaha YEV series electric violins... (other instrument models to order)

  4 & 5 string Violins in Black finish ; 4 string in Natural finish: IN STOCK

  5 string in Black finish: IN STOCK

  All Cello models available to order


Elegant Design With A Familiar Feel 

The Mobius strip-like design looks stunning on stage - but also provides a familiar form for violinists making for a comfortable transition from acoustic to electric.

The nut height, bridge height and lower edge share the same relative dimensions with traditional violins, making the YEV-104 instantly comfortable (and allows you to use your favourite chin and shoulder rests).



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YEV-104  4 String Electric Violin in Natural or Black finish - £699.00 ( instrument only)



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YEV-105 5 string Electric violin in Natural or Black finish- £784.00 (instrument only)

Natural or Black finish



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